Have you have been sitting on a beach with huge breakers and just enjoyed the power and mystery of the ocean only to see a surfer appear as if out of nowhere on that very, once vacant, wave?  Have you ever wondered in awe how it must feel to have the power of the ocean push you while standing on both feet? Have you ever wanted to walk on water (and we aren't talking about biblical references)?  Well if you have then you have reached the right place because Rhody Surf is dedicated to helping those who have always wanted to feel the stoke surfers describe when riding a wave but never had the chance to learn how.

Rhody Surf has professional and seasoned surf instructors who are passionate and excited to help you get on your first wave and ride it all the way to the shore.  We have one simple goal, spread our notorious love of surfing to all that are willing and have a blast doing it!  If you a visitor to Newport, Rhode Island then you might not know that Rhode Island is The Ocean State and we at Rhody Surf have “The Ocean State of Mind” but we must warn you, it's contagious.  Once you feel the sublime feeling of riding a wave, you just can’t get enough.  So come and let us teach you surfing's fundamentals, etiquette and get hooked on the 'sport of kings', SURFING.



Book a Surf Party

Got someone’s birthday coming up and have no idea what to get them?  Are you getting married in Newport !?  If so, what’s the bachelor party day plans while the girls get their make-up party on?  Need to make it look like you put a lot of thought and planning into a big upcoming party? 

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Dedicated Instruction

The quality of attention during a private lesson has been proven to be the best way to learn to surf.  With your own, personal surf instructor, analyzing all of your positioning and coaching you in the water, you will be free of distraction and laser focused on ripping waves!

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A Beautiful Setting

The picturesque Sachuest Beach, or Second Beach as referred to by locals, is not only a timeless, natural 1.25 miles of beach and sand dunes but the best place to learn to surf in New England.  The natural sandbars beneath the ocean floor provide a consistent waves which is suited well for beginners and experts alike.

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