Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Bobby Drought, Founder

Rhody Surf's founder is an avid local surfer, environmental enthusiast and of course, a beach bum for life.  His vision of a 'green' company cannot be overlooked by his ocean and environmental campaigns through Rhody Surf as a launching pad.  From a family of educators, he is passionate about teaching our youth how to not only catch waves but care for the ocean we enjoy surfing. A native to Southern Rhode Island, Bobby has been surfing these waters since he was a grom.  Bobby has traveled up and down The East Coast, The Caribbean, Northern Canada, Southern California and Central America in search of perfect waves but still claims the most consistent and best waves to learn are in Newport, RI.  

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Kelsey Drought, Art & Design Director

Kelsey is our art and graphic design creative genius.  From designing our company logo, shop designs, ads and famous crashing-wave surf truck, she's got the artistic skills to make something amazing out of thin air. She has been a fish since birth and learned to surf in local waters, alongside big brother and Rhody owner, Bobby.  As a native Rhode Islander, Kelsey is an expert on everything ocean and the environment. She studied Graphic Design and Environmental Studies at Endicott College in Beverly, MA, where she was part of the Endicott Surf and Skate Club.  Her favorite (and only) brother is Bobby. 


Allison Lees, Beach & Surf School Director

A lifelong beach bum from the beautiful coastal community of Westport Point, MA, Allison is Rhody Surf's day-to-day beach manager and runs our surf school programs. Allison went to college in Newport where she fell in love with the City by the Sea and now resides here year-round. Spending the majority of the year teaching elementary school, Allison swaps out the chalkboard for a surfboard during the summer by leading our Kid's Surf Camp program. When not working at the beach, you'll still likely find Allison at the…beach...her office and oasis.

hoto Credit: dimnikolov

Collin Granger, Lead Surf Instructor

A native of New Jersey but current island resident, Collin started surfing at the age of eleven.  His Dad, an avid surfer, pushed him into his first waves and taught him how to surf.  Creative when ripping waves and outside of the water, Collin is an Art Major at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI.  Most recently, like many Rhode Islanders in the summer, he’s begun the transformation from shortboarding to longboarding.  You can see Collin out in the line-up in Newport and Little Compton, but the break dearest to his heart is his hometown break in Jersey - The Deal Jetty.  In addition to his Dad, surfing icons Tyler Warren, Trevor Gordon, Tom Curren and Chris Ward round out his top favorite wave riders.



Ryan Hanrahan, Surf Instructor

A Rhode Islander, born and raised, Ryan is an ocean enthusiast and true outdoorsman. Ryan learned to surf in the Ocean State and is currently a student at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI. Through a URI study-abroad program Ryan recently spent some time in Hawaii studying at the University of Hawaii and surfing some of the best waves on the planet. When not on a surfboard you can catch him pursuing one of his other interests such as scuba diving, sky diving, lacrosse or ultimate frisbee.