Over the past decade,  stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) has taken over waterways across the globe as the hot trend.  Rhody Surf offers a unique instruction program for beginner SUPers in Newport Harbor where there is a historical and beautiful coastline to cruise and learn the basics with one of our experienced SUP instructors.

SUPing is a fun way to explore the beach from a different perspective, improve your core muscles through paddling with your entire body (not arms) and enhance your balance.  Our specialty in surfing is teaching beginners the basics, and that carries over to our NEW SUP program. All you need is the stoke and willingness to learn a new sport!

Our Beginner SUP Instruction Course covers everything you need to know about SUPing. The lesson includes all the equipment you need to enjoy the experience including: SUP, wetsuit or rashguard, leash and paddle, plus your own private instructor and guide to help you through your first outing.  SUPing lessons are kicked off on the beach with our ‘dry lesson’ covering the etiquette, equipment details, positioning and overall basics of the sport.  We then take you into the water where you will enjoy nature and the sites of Downtown Newport while getting a killer a workout.

SUPing for beginners is an instruction course we only offer on calm days with mild breezes, as wind and choppier waters make it more difficult to learn the basics.  The morning and early afternoon tend to allow for better conditions at our location.  Please consult with Rhody Surf before scheduling your lesson or for additional details and weather forecasts.  As with all of our lessons, we recommend scheduling in advance.